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New Guild

shausysa, Feb 15, 12 2:26 PM.
Me and Cipa are making a new guild on Monster-wow. Yeah ive decided to make a new user and then make a new guild. Atm we need signatures!!!! My ingame name now is still Agendaur.  The name of the new guild is named: <The Knights Of Mayheem> So leave the companions and give me (Shausysa/Agendaur) Or Cipa a whisper ingame so you can sign the new guild.

Sorry The Adventure Is Over Guys :S

shausysa, Feb 13, 12 10:47 AM.
So i'm perma banned from the server. Reason is that i "Used" Some sort of bug on ret paladins that made my dmg go very high. So i'm very sorry. It's quite sad actually i have been playing on this server since there was like 100 people online in total. I can't imagine how many hours i have been playing on this server.  So i guess that's it. I want to thank anyone who helped me getting this guild so far. Logit,Jazzmove,Franden,Cipa,Hellsdeath, And many others! I love you all! I'm playing on another server now named Wow-freakz. ill put a llink here: i'm playing on  EXODUS REALM. My ingame name is Agendaur. 

If you want to keep in chat. Here is my Skype:  Holyattack1

Cya all,may our ways cross again :D

Best Regards: Shausysa.

I'm banned.

shausysa, Feb 11, 12 8:23 PM.
Something very bad have happened to me. im banned .... I don't know what to do ... But ill try to figure out a way. more details will come. Stay tuned. (I hope i'm not permanent banned)

Guild Raid. On Wednesday!

shausysa, Feb 7, 12 5:21 PM.
Okay guys on wednesday i'm going to launch a guild raid. Wednesday will be our "Guild Raid Day"

Feel free to comment below with ideas on what raid we should do.,r:2,s:0

New Site !

shausysa, Feb 7, 12 3:18 PM.
Hello guys. Made this site for the guild.  More will come as i learn how to use all this stuff.
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